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Paekakariki Press has been very busy in its letterpress workshop producing the following titles which will be available from the dates shown. Those of you who are subscribed to our mailing list will receive news of our book launches and readings.

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TitleAcross New Zealand in 140 Hitches

Hitchhiking is a slow way to travel. You observe passing cars and invent personalities for their occupants. Then when you least expect it a car will pull up with a driver and perhaps a friend, or a dog, or a family. In the seconds after seeing you they will have come to the decision that reflects a mind-set that accompanies a pace of life: there is little reason not to pick up a hitchhiker.

This collection of poems is dedicated to the lucky inhabitants of New Zealand who made this possible — accompanied by some delightful illustrations by Barbara Macfarlane.

Written byClyde Macfarlane
Illustrations byBarbara Macfarlane
Publication Date2018-04-23


Poetry Launch — George Szirtes, Mark Floyer, Partick Bond

02 April 2018

Come and join us on Thursday evening at:

The Art Workers' Guild
6 Queen Square
Thursday, 5 April 2018
from 18:30 to 20:30
for a launch of three beautiful letterpress-printed books of poetry by George Szirtes, Mark Floyer and Patrick Bond.

Wine, nibbles and readings by the poets! Let us know you're coming on Eventbrite.

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