AutoVic A2 Automatic Platen

The AutoVic was manufactured by Frank F. Pershke of Norfolk House, Norfolk Street, London, WC2. In 1908 The company was established by Frank Frederick Pershke and originally called the Victoria Press Manufacturing Company, in order to distribute the Heidenau Victoria platen press.

In 1924 Pershke, who was an engineer by trade, joined forces with Pierre Bernard Bausch, a merchant, and set up Frank F. Pershke. In 1931 Bausch incorporated another business under the name of Price Service and Company. Eric Tanzer joined the company as a salesman. In the British Industries Fair catalogue of 1947 the company is listed as Manufacturers of the Automatic Art Platen Printing Machine "Autovic" A.2. Maximum Paper Size 13⅜ x 18⅛".

The company still exists as the Pershke Price Service Organisation Ltd. The above information has been taken from Grace's Guide to British Industrial History.

AutoVic manufactured by Frank F. Pershke Ltd.

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