Poetry Submission Guidelines

Poetry Submission Guidelines

Paekakariki Press is actively seeking small unpublished collections of poetry in English for publication. A handful of the poems may have previously appeared in magazines, but the majority of the collection should be unpublished.

When can I submit?

We accept submissions all year round.

How to submit a manuscript

Manuscripts (in a single document) should be submitted by e-mail only to .

When will I hear about my submission?

We do everything we can to give a speedy response. We do, however, receive a large number of submissions and there is sometimes a backlog. After three months or so please feel free to enquire.

What’s the deal?

If Paekakariki Press accepts a manuscript for publication, it undertakes to:

  • Publish within a reasonable time;
  • Assign the publication an ISBN;
  • Make copies available through all the usual trade channels as well as via our own web site and Amazon;
  • Submit the required copies to the Legal Deposit Libraries;
  • Provide the creator with a small number of copies FOC and as many as they wish at trade price;
  • If sales enter profit, then a royalty pool of 10% is available to be shared between the creators of the work;

By submitting your work and having it accepted by us you:

  • Guarantee that the work is original and you are the creator;
  • Give us first world print rights;
  • Must credit us in any future anthologies or collections in which your work appears stating that the piece was first published by Paekakariki Press giving the year in which it was published.

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